Crazy cat says…BOO! to Halloween night, art by Margherita Arrighi

gatto-arancio-copiaIllustration on cardboard 300 gr beige honeycomb – mixed media (pencils, acrylic, oil, pastel)

Friends, I introduce you the crazy cat in HALLOWEEN.  finally this my strange illustration is on my Etsy shop. Today is October 31, the strangest day of the year …! The day when we can do anything crazy! If you continue to read, you’ll see something crazy and beautiful …! otherwise the fufy will treat…!img_8060miniminiimg_8014Well these days I was a bit ‘down in the dumps, just because I did not know how I should behave with the cat found out in the garden.  I rushed to see if she was hungry and  finished in no time the dogs food..!
ciaoI wanted to give her immediately a little comfort, even Rugo and Tita have given a space in their kennel. img_8008

I think that sometime we receive small messages and we must be skilled interpreters, to understand and improve. Well still I do not know exactly what is right or wrong at this time, but I know in the meantime I’ll take care of this cat.img_8011Looking into her eyes, I realized that I have to think positive and just do the best I can. And ‘thanks to her that now I feel like a better person. I understand that we must not take ourselves too seriously, to put us on the right track.


To celebrate this moment I decided to offer 50% off on all my Etsy shop,

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The crazy cat joyful night of Halloween is finally on Etsy …! Yes, that’s right, my original illustration that I made last year is available for sale in my shop at a crazy price …! This discount is valid for all my Etsy shop, including prints and lockets necklaces.

In these days I was a bit ‘down in the dumps because I didn’t know how I should have to behave with the cat I heard meowing in the garden neighbor garden. I rushed to see if it was hungry, and it was… 😉

You just type the code TRICK4U before paying! Halloween is no joke, but a real trick for you …!

The offer is valid only until tonight 31 October midnight CET.14568203_544518482403226_7491009322125820446_nI do this madness for the cat that I found, and because you’re reading and you’re part of the community of dreamers like me. If you’re reading this post, surely you are a very special person for me.

Precisely for this reason I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I invite you to follow me on this web site, because I’m going to take many, many interesting news. In the future I will reveal many secrets that will make you realize your dream more hidden in the drawer…! Whether you want to become an artist or you want to free yourself from a situation… me and my band we’ll make you happy, I swear…!


password to receive the discount is TRICK4U. (Only up to midnight today October 31 CET and only if you are inscribed / or my MAIL LIST. (To subscribe, write name down here or on sidebar)

I’ll wait until late tonight and recommend you write down here your message of madness,  joy and positivity.


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