Amy Winehouse and the dachshund, art by Margherita Arrighi


50×70 Mixed MediaIMG_4493-minIMG_4494-minIMG_4566-min2015-06-21 15.48.57-min2015-06-21 15.45.50-min

This is my last picture: AMY Winehouse with usual black hair and a whimsical dachshund. Because the dachshund? simply because he has big ears to listen her beautiful voice.

This is a picture that painted on an old painting.  I want my old paintings are the basis for the future. This was the Venus of Dolni, a statue millennial, symbol of fertility. Synonymous with prosperity and hope for all people so sensitive as Amy, to ever choose  love and respect for ourselves.

In September the story of Amy Winehouse will be projected on the big screen “The girl behind the name,” and I can not wait to know who really she was.

My songs I prefer…:

You Know I’m No Good

Back To Black

Love Is A Losing Game



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