Dark blue sky, white hair, big eyes art by Margherita Arrighi

I introduce you to my Doll with big eyes who talks to you about Dreams. She accompanies you in the night and give you golden and peaceful dreams, gives you the solutions and brings you serenity in the new day.

Mixed Media Artwork 100×120 cm on canvas 


The blue in this artwork has a very special tonality created by me to cover a large surface and wanted it to be a warm and sweet color. In my opinion, blue is the color of sincerity and brotherhood and family. Blue is the night.

It’s so important to sleep well all night. While painting my Dream Pupetta, I wanted intensely that everyone could sleep well and make beautiful dreams to pave the way for a good new day.


Sometimes I have been in trouble and I know how bad it is insomnia. It’s been years since I do not have it anymore and I assure you that there is absolutely no need for droplets or miraculous pastries …!

With my method you can sleep well every night …! I hope everyone can put it all in practice.

Here’s what I do:

  • In the cold season I drink a hot drink without caffeine. I do not go to bed with the sense of hunger.
  • I read a paragraph or two of a book on personal growth and first of all I recommend “Maximum performance” by Brian Tracy.
  • I read the mantra that I assembled by the texts of Thomas Merton, devoting attention as possible at night and sleep because that’s what I want to talk about in my picture. So after meditating for 10 minutes, looking at the eyes and the reassuring face of my Pupetta, also tries to mentally repeat the phrase I wrote and inside the canvas.

    Look at the stars,

    the night embraces the silent half of the earth.

    protect me

    in you I take refuge.

    Even at night my heart instructs me

    with You my body rests safely

    with you I will not see corruption

    with you I know to choose the right path.

    Give me a restful sleep and take me in Your arms


Sit down on bed, and read slowly displaying the magic of night. As you can see, along with Pupetta I painted my tricolor cat Fufy, because  she knows how to drive in the night. Cats are clever and nimble and can catch your dreams. Cats are tireless and always ready, but they also know when it is time to meditate and sleep.

I hope I’ve been useful for at least one person. If you liked my message it would be nice to share it and let it know to other people who need it. Sleep well and Live Your Dream.





Margherita Arrighi

Sono una pittrice sognatrice, appassionata della corrente artistica Mixed Media ed influenzata da questa, ho trovato nelle mie opere un equilibrio tra la pittura e l'applicazione di elementi che si trovano nella nostra vita quotidiana.
Raffiguro ciò che mi appartiene, come per esempio i miei due carlini Rugo, Tita che nelle opere vengono rappresentati quasi in modo giocoso, le figure femminili appaiono quasi elementari a chi le osserva, ma forse ad una più approfondita osservazione ci si può accorgere della loro difficile esecuzione.
Esse fuoriescono dalla tela trascinando ciò che mi circonda, le parole , le immagini, la carta , i fregi e tutto quello che inserisco nello sfondo, tutto porta a loro, ai loro occhi dolcissimi, che trasmettono serenità a chi le osserva e che danno alle opere quell' armonia dolce e gentile.
Nelle opere cerco di rappresentare me stessa non in senso figurativo ma racconto con i miei messaggi, i miei progressi e tutto quello che ho imparato nel mio percorso creativo. Racconto tutto quello in cui credo, sono messaggi che in questo modo acquistano forza e divertano ferme come rocce. Chiunque può leggere quello che vi è scritto sopra ed interpretare come vuole il loro significato, con la speranza è che qualcosa che scrivo vada ad innaffiare pensieri positivi di tante persone!
Credo fortemente che a goccia a goccia si può riempire anche il mare!!!!

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