Frida Kahlo big eyes on wood necklace

Frida Kahlo is my greatest source of inspiration, beautiful even with her accentuated hairs on the eyebrows, for me it’s a true example of courage to follow. I’m not going to turn her into an idol, but I assure you that for me it’s a pride to represent Frida on my paintings…!

2016 is now gone and sometimes I think nothing changed, but I look back to 2012 and I understand however that everything changed…! I started to comb my hair, paint pictures that invite people to believe in dreams, make experiments every day, I’m realizing beautiful strange jewelry to wear, I try to smile when I take a pic…! I know very well that it’s never too late to dream. I’AM GRATEFUL ABOUT THAT…! I don’t want to think what would’ve happened if I hadn’t started my path.

When I painted this Frida Kahlo Mixed Media Art Work I decided for an electrifying smile and magnetic eyes, because we are talking about a headstrong woman, who wants to give herself completely to her cause, without second thoughts. The meaning is “Carefree” not to give the idea of Idle person, completely the opposite..! I would like this Frida was the emblem of the Joyous and Determined and  Gently Person.

The White goat brings wealth and is synonymous with Stubbornness and Whimsical: someone who does not tolerate barriers or limits and tends to go in inaccessible places. This attitude indicates a great love of freedom and a willingness to face danger in order to defend it. It has good adaptability and eats everything, but it’s not submissive and is therefore a nice stimulus for liberation from inner chains.

When I put the Frida face on wooden gem I was thrilled, because I knew those who will wear it,  receive so many emotions, to twist in positive all his future…!

This type of necklace is still in the testing phase, but I’am more and more satisfied. The wood on which I realize the gems is rare, I choose it on the beach and it must be lighter and more resistant. After having purified it I write on positive messages and meanings. On the other side I apply an high quality print. Resin is the final touch that makes it look like porcelain.This is two necklaces in one because it is double-face.

There are times when you want the little girl with big eyes is close to your heart, and others times when you prefer wearing an important message for you, enriched by the luminescence of the gold leaf.

Along with the main wood there is another paper-mache gem.  The pearl is made luminescent by glitter and resin. I realize this with paper scraps. This is a true prayer or mantra to be repeated every day until your dream will come true.

Necklace in cotton rope has no hooks but only nodes and wooden beads as stationary length. There are 3 lengths.
– Gem Entrance hole diameter 9mm – 3/8 inch
– Cord length: is 83 cm / 33 inches.
– Gem size: 6×5,5 cm (Size may vary in function of the irregularity of the wood)
– Thickness 1.5cm / 2,5 x 2,5 inch – thick 1/2 inch

The wood gem is big but it is also light. I believe it’s nice to wear it both during winter and summer time to protect us every day on our path.

Sono una pittrice sognatrice, appassionata della corrente artistica Mixed Media ed influenzata da questa, ho trovato nelle mie opere un equilibrio tra la pittura e l'applicazione di elementi che si trovano nella nostra vita quotidiana.
Raffiguro ciò che mi appartiene, come per esempio i miei due carlini Rugo, Tita che nelle opere vengono rappresentati quasi in modo giocoso, le figure femminili appaiono quasi elementari a chi le osserva, ma forse ad una più approfondita osservazione ci si può accorgere della loro difficile esecuzione.
Esse fuoriescono dalla tela trascinando ciò che mi circonda, le parole , le immagini, la carta , i fregi e tutto quello che inserisco nello sfondo, tutto porta a loro, ai loro occhi dolcissimi, che trasmettono serenità a chi le osserva e che danno alle opere quell' armonia dolce e gentile.
Nelle opere cerco di rappresentare me stessa non in senso figurativo ma racconto con i miei messaggi, i miei progressi e tutto quello che ho imparato nel mio percorso creativo. Racconto tutto quello in cui credo, sono messaggi che in questo modo acquistano forza e divertano ferme come rocce. Chiunque può leggere quello che vi è scritto sopra ed interpretare come vuole il loro significato, con la speranza è che qualcosa che scrivo vada ad innaffiare pensieri positivi di tante persone!
Credo fortemente che a goccia a goccia si può riempire anche il mare!!!!

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