Klimt tree of Life and Peace by Margherita Arrighi

100 x 100 su tela in tecnica Mixed MediaKlimpt-copia



My own Tree of Life (Gustav Klimt) with black poodle, dog and gray cat. The little girl with big eyes emulates. Every tree for me is a God on earth, the only being who gives and does not ask anything in return. In each branch there is a phrase that can help develop the mind and its potential. This is not a painting in honor to the woman, but my form of respect and admiration for all those who know how to love and give…

I love to create canvas prints, hand-retouched from my original.
The image inside locket is a reproduction (high-quality archival inks) of my painting titled “Nature”. The pendant opened and inside you can write your dreams, your secret photos, solid perfume, pills etc.

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