Owl dance on the piano by Margherita Arrighi

The owl invites your soul to dance, playing on piano…! This is a Mixed Media canvas 40 x 40 cm, that I made four years ago.

My bird of Infinite Love – FREEDOM  with logo by Stefania del Lesto that I made for casaMAM with editing program and pencils)

I am currently working with Serena Giannini and Stefania del Lesto, owners of CASA MAM, an association that is committed to developing more and more awareness in the relationship between parents and children from birth.

My dream is just to create a Spiritual Center in collaboration with sensible persons. Having a permanent exhibition with spaces dedicated to the combination of sound and images.

I imagine this with conference and meditation spaces. a place where you can grow spiritually and where anyone can relax Mind, Body and Soul.



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