the child big eyes and the Horse, Mixed Media art

possibile2-copiapossibile1-copiameaning – ALL IS POSSIBLE

The little girl with big eyes and his white horse is the original painting I made some years ago in mixed media on canvas 50 × 50. Recently a person in love of his bay horse,  asked me to make for her portrait of them together. I do not make illustrations on commission I told her that I would, as usual, worked on photoshop.

I made for her this portrait using my Fantasy Frida art work and the horse from another illustration of mine.


I painted little girl with the horse, because I think these sweet animals, have magical qualities. Sometimes the chaos of the city confuses us so much, that would be nice to run away at full gallop on the back of our horse in the quiet of the woods, to find a inner peace. Only moving away from the hustle and meditating in a peaceful animal companionship, as it could be a horse, we can regain the knowledge that everything is really POSSIBLE …

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