PURITY – Dame and the white puppy

purezza copia-mindamina


I wanted a bit distort the appearance and history of the Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci (end 1400 is currently on display in Krakow), with the title: The Lady with the Puppy.

Surely it is PURITY  the meaning prince that I attribute to my painting, because originally this was the reason for the presence of the ermine in the Leonardo’s art work. It was Leonardo himself who said this phrase referring to this animal:

<<he prefers to get caught by the hunters, before flee into the den muddy

not for macular his kindness,  the white coat>>

Also the dog is a symbol of purity, but in the more modern sense. The dog is pure even if muddy; the dog is pure because it can not be cynical; the dog is pure because it can’t bears a grudge; the dog is pure, stop….

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