How to sleep well with the eyes of Pupetta by Margaret Arrighi

I introduce you to my SLEEP Pupetta. She accompanies you in the night and give you golden and peaceful dreams; gives you the solutions and brings you serenity in the new day.

Mixed Media Artwork 100×120 cm on canvas 

It’s so important to sleep well at night…! Yet there are many people who spend sleepless nights and lead weights in the bedroom caused by others, suffering or fears that petrify them and make them twisted and turned on the pillow for hours.

I know this because sometimes it happened to me. But I have noticed that I completely sleep well when I worked so hard and with satisfaction, when I had no quarrels with anyone and when I feel loved, but it can happen to look at the wrong movie, a strange phone call and you start over.

I’m used to sleep alone, however for my dad, since my mom left us, is really hard to face that hour of wakefulness before sleep, because there are so many thoughts that fill his mind. Mom clung to him and he to mom, but after 52 years of marriage this habit has been lacking, and you can understand how difficult it is for him to regain his balance.

Here’s what I do:

  • As prevention, two or three times a month instead of watching a movie I watch on Youtube “The steps of silence” (edited by Eliana Guerra) dedicated to Siloe, a convent near Paganico in Tuscany. Not sure how they achieved this magic, but I can assure you that the music, the interviews with the brothers and the voice that narrates the texts of Thomas Merton, make you tune in on the simple things and help you address problems with different attitude.
  • I drink a hot drink without caffeine.
  • I read a paragraph or two of a book on personal growth and first of all I recommend “Maximum performance” by Brian Tracy.
  • I suggest you also read the mantra that I assembled by the texts of Thomas Merton, devoting attention as possible at night and sleep because that’s what I want to talk about in my picture. So after meditating for 10 minutes, looking at the eyes and the reassuring face of Pupetta, also tries to mentally repeat the phrase I wrote below and inside the canvas. Do it with the same intensity with which Christian Lansante is expressed and you’ll see that the magic slowly takes its course.


Look at the stars,

the night embraces the silent half of the earth.

protect me

in you I take refuge.

Even at night my heart instructs me

with You my body rests safely

with you I will not see corruption

with you I know to choose the right path.

Give me a restful sleep and take me in Your arms


Sit down on bed, and read slowly displaying the magic of night. As you can see, along with Pupetta I painted my tricolor cat fufy, because it is a perfect hunter, a primordial cat and as owl she knows how to drive in the night. Cats are clever and nimble and can catch your dreams. Cats are tireless and always ready, but they also know when it is time to meditate and sleep.

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