The doll with the bee and the snail, big eyes art by Margherita Arrighi

19,5 x 27,5 inch

Doll Big Eyes  “Listen to your Nature”

My art work “Listen to your Nature” is a Doll with big eyes that helps you choose your true path. She’s surrounded by a bee and a snail.

It’s never too late

At any age and especially at this time you can really start a path of knowledge of yourself. As long as you don’t start your search, you will never know what is your real Dream!

You will not have to understand it now but set the goal and opening your eyes , something beautiful will surely happen…!

Listen to your Nature


If you experience emotions looking at this picture, it will help to have it in your home, to discover in depth what is your true talent and your message to the world.

This doll has helped me to exploit some of my potential and direct my life to another direction.

It was beneficial to paint it and watch it every day, because it took me along a backward path to start from my originality.  With her you’ll find the snail and the bee because each has its own message to my heart. When I save a snail or a bee in distress I always express a desire and that desire often comes true.

The bee is an animal that I love, because it communicates desire to work and to bring fruit to the community. It is indefatigable and harmonious. It makes me want to work and share.

The snail is a very private being, easy to find in every corner. Despite its so fragile shell and its slow progress, it manages to live in harmony with Nature. When I look at one I understand that I should not expect too much from the day because I can get far away even one step at a time.

What is your personal message to the world? Want to share something valuable and useful for everyone? Do you want to start cultivating your true dream today?


I only realize the portrait of Soul. If someone asks me for a portrait, first I suggest to look into my gallery/portfolio in search of the Doll that transmits an emotion or with similar features.

Below a couple of portraits made modifying my original painting; with a real artistic procedure and accurate work with the help of Photoshop. Each portrait is actually an original work on cardboard  9 x 9 with a certificate of authenticity.

Consigli pratici per capire la nostra natura

If, like me, you found yourself having difficulty understanding your talent, who you are and what you really want, I suggest you read the book by Brian Tracy “Maximum Achievement” and elaborate the diagram below, also going to the link of the youtuber Lavandaire, who explains the IKIGAI scheme very well. Download her FREE PDF as I did.



Margherita Arrighi

Sono una pittrice sognatrice, appassionata della corrente artistica Mixed Media ed influenzata da questa, ho trovato nelle mie opere un equilibrio tra la pittura e l'applicazione di elementi che si trovano nella nostra vita quotidiana.
Raffiguro ciò che mi appartiene, come per esempio i miei due carlini Rugo, Tita che nelle opere vengono rappresentati quasi in modo giocoso, le figure femminili appaiono quasi elementari a chi le osserva, ma forse ad una più approfondita osservazione ci si può accorgere della loro difficile esecuzione.
Esse fuoriescono dalla tela trascinando ciò che mi circonda, le parole , le immagini, la carta , i fregi e tutto quello che inserisco nello sfondo, tutto porta a loro, ai loro occhi dolcissimi, che trasmettono serenità a chi le osserva e che danno alle opere quell' armonia dolce e gentile.
Nelle opere cerco di rappresentare me stessa non in senso figurativo ma racconto con i miei messaggi, i miei progressi e tutto quello che ho imparato nel mio percorso creativo. Racconto tutto quello in cui credo, sono messaggi che in questo modo acquistano forza e divertano ferme come rocce. Chiunque può leggere quello che vi è scritto sopra ed interpretare come vuole il loro significato, con la speranza è che qualcosa che scrivo vada ad innaffiare pensieri positivi di tante persone!
Credo fortemente che a goccia a goccia si può riempire anche il mare!!!!

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