Hope, Frida Kahlo Ark on Easter

Frida Kahlo in farmer dress, with white goat by side, two cats and a Lamb inside pants. The Pupetta in this case is the Noah’s Ark that saving the world and bringing Hope. Easter is near and invite everyone to reflect observing under the Icon of Jesus with a lamb … ALIVE (I invite you to pin and share all my pictures … with the message of the renewed Easter ALIVE LAMB!)

Above the original framework in Mixed Media 100 x 120 – title HOPE. Under: the various changed  prints retouched by me with different phrases I love most. Thank you so much all friends who inspired me and who appreciated the customizing framework in different ways.


In my mind there has never been discrimination or difference between farm animals and pets. I’m not vegan, but I believe that one day our planet will be populated only by enlightened people and happy animals. There will be only very few farms also controlled from the point of animal happiness in the life path.

I have experienced very well how we feel without Hope and it’s terrible. Now I know that the Right Mental Approach… it may be the answer and to restore hope in our heart there is only one question to ask our heart :


Morgan Freeman in the movie “Evan Almighty” give us the solution with this word A.R.K. as one Acts of Random Kindness at a time. Slowly all will begin to change within yourself and you’ll see the amazing changes in the world around you…!!!

When you realize that no efforts by superhuman rate, epochal change, we must not Have extraordinary powers…to feed the Hope inside. Just take one step at a time…

which path you choose?

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