Valentine the day with big eyes by Margherita Arrighi

Valentines’s Day is almost here and I’m happy to show you my old Mixed Media artwork retouched and changed with the Marylin face. A moment dedicated to Love, the one that completes you, only if you give yourself without reservation to another person. I hope that my dolls will bring You so much hope and love.

I gave a message of love inside the Zenzero Shop because it is in the heart of the old town of Grosseto (Via Garibaldi – Tuscany), because Cinzia is passionate about my paintings and try to understand thoroughly their every message and because in the future I would like to sell in this shop prints along with my  Wood and Lockets Jewelry. As you can see there are also new hearts ready to hang on, made with my high quality prints with certificate of authenticity.

Above  you can see some retouched Soul Prints and there is one dedicated to Dad & Mom still with dark hair and full of life, Mom left her body, but She’s always here with us to celebrate Valentine’s Day because we love her so much. Here they where in Castel del Piano  (Tuscany) where I was born in 1972. After an year they brought me to Pisa (Tuscany), after three years in Grosseto, where I live…


Every day I’m trying to learn to love unconditionally, without judgment and without expecting anything in return, but I know that is not always fair and easy and I’m close to all the disappointed hearts. Don’t worry, think positively and soon everything will work. For those who are happy I hope for you, even more happiness and joy…!

Listen to your heart (retouched Soul Print 14×19 – soon on my Etsy Shop)

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