How do I work with resin and create my Soul jewelry

Welcome to my studio where I paint and even realize my Soul Jewelry. So many people asked me how to use resin on jewel reproduction and today I want to share with you a bit of my experience over the last four years. I wish everyone knew how hard it is and how much meticulous care is needed during the process.

First, don’t improvise if you want  immediately see good results, I know well this! Obviously I started somewhere and I have read, watched what others are doing on Internet, before start. One thing is for sure… who does not break some eggs will never make a good omelet…!

The tool that you see in the picture is an electric heater, because the temperature must reach about 36-38 °, so that the resin does not create stripes. Anyone who has used the resin, knows how difficult it is to reach a good result, because everything depends on the temperature and ‘surrounding humidity.

I have inkjet printer (EpsonR3000) famous for bright colors image. It has 10 cartridges Epson, and the sheets 240 gr semi-gloss Super Luster is the ideal support. In fact, the colors remain bright as if it were a painting. To give you an idea of the quality, I tell you that only an A4 sheet, to me costs 3 €. The printer cost is € 700.

When I cast resin on print, there are no imperfections and colors are perfectly sealed. After much study, I found that the two-component of Prochima (100-60) is the best, but I’m always looking for new solutions. I accept suggestions … of course!

I do a mix of the two components in a shot glass of hard clear plastic coffee, because others making holes for the resin effect (I often use the same glass). During stage of casting I have to be very quick to remove more bubbles as I can, because at some point  the resin become hard to work. I swear that every time is really like walking on eggs and I realized in time that I can not work on more than 10 pieces at a time, with a 10-hour drying process!

I confess that only after four years I came to the awareness that is just the imperfection, my true quality assurance, my brand or kiss of love. when I started I was shaking me a lot when I saw that out of 10 items, only two were perfect. Even this process was my test for understanding more about me.

I thank you for reading my post, I hope it was interesting for you and please do comment below with a simple greeting or your tips, because you are very important to me.




Margherita Arrighi

Sono una pittrice sognatrice, appassionata della corrente artistica Mixed Media ed influenzata da questa, ho trovato nelle mie opere un equilibrio tra la pittura e l'applicazione di elementi che si trovano nella nostra vita quotidiana.
Raffiguro ciò che mi appartiene, come per esempio i miei due carlini Rugo, Tita che nelle opere vengono rappresentati quasi in modo giocoso, le figure femminili appaiono quasi elementari a chi le osserva, ma forse ad una più approfondita osservazione ci si può accorgere della loro difficile esecuzione.
Esse fuoriescono dalla tela trascinando ciò che mi circonda, le parole , le immagini, la carta , i fregi e tutto quello che inserisco nello sfondo, tutto porta a loro, ai loro occhi dolcissimi, che trasmettono serenità a chi le osserva e che danno alle opere quell' armonia dolce e gentile.
Nelle opere cerco di rappresentare me stessa non in senso figurativo ma racconto con i miei messaggi, i miei progressi e tutto quello che ho imparato nel mio percorso creativo. Racconto tutto quello in cui credo, sono messaggi che in questo modo acquistano forza e divertano ferme come rocce. Chiunque può leggere quello che vi è scritto sopra ed interpretare come vuole il loro significato, con la speranza è che qualcosa che scrivo vada ad innaffiare pensieri positivi di tante persone!
Credo fortemente che a goccia a goccia si può riempire anche il mare!!!!

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