About Me

Hi I’m Margherita Arrighi. I live in a very quiet town in Tuscany with my pug Rugo. I was born in 1972 in Castel del Piano (Tuscany). At the age of six I started painting, but only since 2014 I started to believe in me.

When I paint my girls with big eyes I feel good, as if they were a way to communicate something positive to my Soul,

IMG_5377 copia

Venus work in progress in my studio summer 2015 (Venus with chiwawa 100x100cm)


So as soon as I have finished painting I give it a meaning: Joy, Awareness, Courage, Fantasy etc.

I graduated from Technical school in Grosseto in 1991, then I desperately tried to understand what was really mine. Meanwhile I worked at a typography in which I found my hell and my paradise, where I learned that nothing is impossible and where I learned various craft skills.

I have participated in many exhibitions and events from 2013, where I started to work out that my artwork was loved by the public.