Little Children Big Eyes Fall in Love

I Love You 18,5 x 30cm

The two sweet children with big eyes are in love, shyly contemplate each other. He has a bouquet of flowers that he would like to give her, and she looks forward, confident and happy.

The first image is a change I created on computer. The second smallest is the original art work that I painted on a wood support, now in Chianciano Terme. I gave it to my brother Claudio and his beautiful family.
What you see above is the first version that is gone. Over time I changed the subjects and made them more dignified. Below you can also notice the awkward and sweet kitten under the word “Love”, which I put on with Photoshop.
You will soon find the print on canvas (with a wooden frame) of the modified images and retouched with oil colors and gold leaf, at ZENZERO in via Garibaldi in Grosseto in front of Caffè Latino.

For you that you can not yet come to Grosseto, I have a wonderful surprise…! Click on the picture below or go to this link to discover all the wonderful products on which Redbubble has inserted my image.

The sentences I written around their figures

  • You are my joy of life
  • When I see you my heart bursts with joy
  • We will be united until God wants it
  • Hold me with you
  • I love you as I have never loved before until now


In these last days I have been contacted by this very well known couple in Russia. I’m so excited about this…!!!

He is an Italian singer, famous in Italy and Russia; I listened to him on Youtube and I love his velvety and powerful voice at the same time…! His wife is a Russian Blogger ed Influencer who talks about her travels.

They inspired me this poem, I dedicate it to all lovers.

My poem dedicated to lovers

Love changes, but it is always love.

First a look,

a smile

and then a hug.

Love changes, but it is always love.

Berlin, Moscow, Rome… New York

“Anywhere, as long as you’re with me”


They contacted me because appreciate my work.
Impossible to explain the joy in my heart, because they are special and simple people at the same time. Among their photos I discovered real Melody and many interesting info on the most important cities.


By now many know that I love portraying the soul of people or change my paintings according to your life; adding sentences only for you. I print on canvas and retouched it with oil colors, gold leaf and material. For more info Link

After changes I’ll take you to the Redbubble path…



Below the square versions with the various changes. You will also notice that I shaved his hair to make it look more like the singer Christian Panico.

Published by Margherita Arrighi

Margherita Arrighi
Sono una pittrice sognatrice, appassionata della corrente artistica Mixed Media ed influenzata da questa, ho trovato nelle mie opere un equilibrio tra la pittura e l'applicazione di elementi che si trovano nella nostra vita quotidiana. Raffiguro ciò che mi appartiene, come per esempio i miei due carlini Rugo, Tita che nelle opere vengono rappresentati quasi in modo giocoso, le figure femminili appaiono quasi elementari a chi le osserva, ma forse ad una più approfondita osservazione ci si può accorgere della loro difficile esecuzione. Esse fuoriescono dalla tela trascinando ciò che mi circonda, le parole , le immagini, la carta , i fregi e tutto quello che inserisco nello sfondo, tutto porta a loro, ai loro occhi dolcissimi, che trasmettono serenità a chi le osserva e che danno alle opere quell' armonia dolce e gentile. Nelle opere cerco di rappresentare me stessa non in senso figurativo ma racconto con i miei messaggi, i miei progressi e tutto quello che ho imparato nel mio percorso creativo. Racconto tutto quello in cui credo, sono messaggi che in questo modo acquistano forza e divertano ferme come rocce. Chiunque può leggere quello che vi è scritto sopra ed interpretare come vuole il loro significato, con la speranza è che qualcosa che scrivo vada ad innaffiare pensieri positivi di tante persone! Credo fortemente che a goccia a goccia si può riempire anche il mare!!!!